Wheel Bolt Pattern Cross Reference

Ever wondered what other vehicles wheels will fit on your offroad Toyota? I've wondered the same thing, and after hours of painful researching, I came across this wicked website.

You can search either by bolt pattern (which for Toyota 4x4s is 6 lugs on 5.5 inch stud spread), or by vehicle type, and this website pulls up all other vehicles with the same bolt pattern. The listings also have info such as backspacing, wheel size etc so you can figure out what type of wheels you can buy off of Craigslist to dress up your rig!

Did you know that the Hummer H3 has the same bolt pattern as the Toyota? A quick search on Vancouver Craigslist turned up a pair of take-offs (meaning new from factory, the person who bought the Hummer wanted to immediately upgrade) with brand new tires on them for $800.

Gears are turning now!



Meticulous Toyota Pickup Restoration

Wow. Few people have the time or dedication required to do this sort of resoration project. And people that do usually choose to restore a Model T Ford or similar vintage car. This guy from the east coast chose an early 80's Toyota 4x4 Pickup. Part of his motivation could be that he is from the east coast and rust free parts for the 1st gen pickups are actually quite hard to find. Us West Coasters are spoiled in that way.

Here's all the pictures: http://passiontechnique.com/?mainarticleid=19


Before Picture


After Resoration


Lambo Style Rear Tire Carrier

Toyota Tire CarrierSeems most everyone these days is building a rear tire carrier for their Toyota Offroad 4x4 rig. It's a relatively simple addition to a tube bumper that can result in lots of extra storage space in or on top of your rig.

The most common method is to get a hold of a wheel spindle from a trailer supply store, weld that on to your bumped, and weld a tire mount on to the bearing carrier. This allows you to swing the tire out of the way allowing access to your tailgate and the junk you have stored in the rear of your Toyota.

A new spin on the idea is to mount the rotating spindle assembly in the vertical plane, so that the wheel doesn't spin out in a large arc (requiring nobody to be parked within 5 feet of you), but rather rotates up and off to the side.

Here's a YouTube video of it in action.


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