Rear Disc Brake Conversion using Toyota Rotors and Calipers

Disc Brake Swap step 1Many people who get into much mud find that the rear drum brakes can cause problems. Mud and dirt gets into the drum and cakes on the components, making the brakes not auto adjust properly. Also, has tire size increases, so does the rotational mass and thus the demand on your brakes. The easiest way to upgrade your drum brakes is to get rid of them! Swap them out for some disc brakes. They self clean, and sinze they squeeze on the rotor, they theoretically have better stopping power.

This is a detailed writeup with pictures and descriptions on swapping out the stock drum brakes for disc brakes. This particular swap uses a Toyota rotor and Toyota caliper for parts. It doesn't state where he got the bracket for mounting the rotor, but it's such thorough tech it's a great walk through that applies to putting any rear disc conversion on your Toyota.