Pinion Seal Replacement

Pinion Nut RemovalAlthough I would consider myself fairly mechanically confident, i've always steered clear of anything to do with differentials because of the complexity of adjusting the pinion bearing pre-load and checking for correct backlash and all those sorts of things.

However, when I went to swap my 3rd member with one from a later model truck, I discovered that the Toyota driveshaft bolt patterns have changed over the years.

According to Marlin Crawler ( here is a break down of the different bolt patterns:

  • 1963-8/69 FJ40, 1979-83 Hilux, 64mm x 56mm x 8mm
  • 1984+ Pickup, 60mm x 60mm x 10mm (non-CV)
  • 1986-87 Turbo, 1988+ V6, FJ60, 66mm x 66mm x 11mm Bolt on installation with machined seal surface.
  • I decided the easiest way would be to swap my old differential flange onto the new differential. This is how to remove the pinion flange, to replace the seal or swap flanges, without having to readjust pinioin bearing pre load.



    1. mike said: posted 2008-05-24 09:48:36
    Unless you have a solid crush sleeve, you should replace the crush sleeve when doing this!