Waterproofing Tricks

4runner Water Crossing

One can't venture offroad for very long without coming across some water. Whether it's a lake or a river or even a big puddle, if it's more than a foot deep it could cause some problems.

The lowest part of the vehicle that can have water troubles is your axles. If water gets past the seals and into the bearings and differentials, rust, wear, damage, and even failure can result.

Starting from there and working up to the transmission, engine fan and engine control unit (ecu), this article does a good job of addressing the steps needed to waterproof your Toyota.





1. 89offroad said: posted 2008-06-06 08:34:01
I think the best waterproof tip is the differential breathers. Also really important for deep water is the electric fan. You can turn it off so it doesn't spray water everywhere like a non electric fan would.