Frame Rust - Repair or Replace?

bad ideaEveryone knows that the frame on early Toyotas are plagued with rust issues. The rust usually first appears near the front hanger for the rear springs, just behing the cab on pickup trucks or just behind the front doors on the 4runner. Because the inside of the frame rail is thinner than the outside, rust eats through it first.

Once you have rust, it's difficult to get rid of it. Many recommend completely swapping frames to one that is rust free. Others say you can cut the frame right behind the cab mounts and weld on, or build, a new back half. However, both of these methods are time consuming, and assume that you have serious rust issues.

If rust holes are just starting to show itself, there are possibilities of having the rusted section cut out and new steel welded in.

Here's a frame fix that is fine for the trail, but wouldn't pass a vehicle inspection:

Rear Frame Plates

Sloppy Fix

Here's a decent looking plate job that probably would pass a vehicle inspection, as long as the person welding was certified.





Here's a series of 29 pictures showing Toyota frame rust repair including cutting out rusted frame parts, using a cardboard template to cut metal repair plates, and then welding the plates onto the frame.

If anyone knows of a place that makes repair plates for Toyota Frames, leave a comment below. Stay tuned for detailed information on repairing Toyota frame rust.