Toyota Recovery

You don't have to spend too long off roads, and you'll either get stuck yourself, or more likely come across a crappy driver who got stuck in their jeep! A few weekends ago, I went offroading with a friend, and two hunting/drinking fellows in a Toyota Truck wanted to follow us around in a Toyota off roading convoy. Great idea, until they get stuck on a simple log because they weren't paying attention.

The log was at the bottom of a steep little section of hill. If the driver was paying attention, he would've seen the log and gone around it to the right. However, since he liked to speed around in the woods, his left tire got on the left of the log, and his momentum pushed his axle forward on the log until his left front tire was off the ground, and the majority of the weight of the front of the truck was hanging him up.

Luckily Darren and I came prepared, and after failing to pull him forward and off the log, managed to pull the log out from under his axle.

If you're new to off road recovery, or just need a brush up, here is a great article on Pirate 4x4 about recovery. At the bottom is a host of links to the US Army's Vehicle Recovery Manuals.