Calculating your Center Of Gravity and Rollover Angle

1988 Toyota RolloverEvery time I go out on the trails, I end up on a sidehill and think: Wouldn't it be great to have an inclinometer (shows sidehill angle of the truck) mounted to my dash? Then when I'm on a sidehill and don't roll, I know that angle is safe. When I come to the next sidehill, I could watch the inclinometer and if it goes higher than the value I saw on the last hill, I either stop, or take it real slow, and make mention of this new higher sidehill angle.

Even better than the brute force method of 'watch the angle until you roll, and then don't go that far', would be to calculate the center of gravity of your vehicle and calculate the rollover angle from these values. It still requires some sort of inclinometer to display the angle your truck is at, but it should prove to be far more accurate.

The reason I haven't done this is because it's quite involved... but now that I've found this great write-up, I think I'll try it out!

Keep in mind that when weighing your vehicle, you should have it loaded as if you were going on a trip. This includes passengers, camping and recovery gear, full fuel tank etc.

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