Toyota Driveshaft Spacer to Lengthen Driveshaft

Drive shaft spacerIt's a never ending struggle. Every time you change your suspension configuration and your lift changes.

Since your lift has changed, the distance from your pinion flange to your transfer case flange has changed; this obviously means that your driveshaft length needs to be changed as well.

Here's a simple idea to extend your driveshaft if the amount of extension needed is fairly minimal. It's a spacer that mounts to your transfercase output flange and then your driveshaft bolts to it.

I imagine that you wouldn't want to do this with a very large spacer, as there could be a lot of sideload placed on it when your suspension cycles.

These spacers aren't cheap, but should be cheaper than paying to have your actual driveshaft extended. Maybe you could make your own?