Low Budget Cross Member

Modified Toyota Cross MemberOne of the benefits of a Toyota 4x4 in stock form is that is has some of the best clearance available on a stock platform. After modifying a truck, it doesn't take long until you wish you have even more clearance.

The lowest hanging part under the belly of a truck is the transfer case crossmember. There are tons of aftermarket crossmembers for Toyota Trucks and 4runners, but if you don't want to spend much money or time, here's an interesting idea.

Take the stock Toyota transfer case crossmember, cut it down the seam between the top and bottom pieces, and weld on a big chunk of 1/4 inch plate steel. It seems so simple I'm surprised I haven't seen it on a Toyota before.

There are a few possible issues with this design: They've removed the bolt and welded the transfer case mount to the crossmember because the bolts would stick out the bottom. If you don't plan on replacing it soon (or ever) then this is a good easy method. This crossmember also has no gussets for downward and upward strength. A 1/4 inch plate mounted flat is all that needs to bend and your transfer case will be dragging in the dirt. Someone in the forum has mentioned that, so I imagine they'll be adding a gusset of some sort soon.