Removing your 1st Gen Toyota 4runner Top

As everyone knows, one of the big advantages of the first generation Toyota 4runner is the removeable hardtop. There's nothing like feeling the wind in your hair when driving to your next wheeling spot! In order to ge tthe wind in your hair feeling, you have to first remove the top. That can be quite a challenge.

A guy on this forum says he can do it by himself because he eats Wheaties, and another guy says it's heavy enough to break a wrist.... estimated weight of the 4runner top is 150-200 pounds.

Another option would be to purchase a commercial hoist for removing hardtops. This one apparently works to remove jeep, blazer, bronco and 4runner hardtops. It's called hoist-a-top, and cost a few hundred dollars ack!

Roger brown has rigged up a much cheaper system of straps and hooks from his rafters, and he can remove the top by himself. He lifts one end of it at a time to slip the straps underneath it, and then lifts one end about 6 inches, then does the other 6 inches to level it, and continues until the 4-runner hardtop hits the rafters.

The last option is to ditch the 4runner fiberglass top all together, and either run without a top, or a canvas topper of some sort.

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