4runner Rear Cargo Drawers and Box

For anyone owning a Toyota 4-runner, you know how cool it is to have clean dry storage for camping gear in the back. It would also be nice to be able to sleep in that clean dry area.... but then where would you put your camping gear? I have transferred all of the camping supply junk to the front seats to free up the cargo area for sleeping, but that isn't ideal. The only other option is to get some sort of external storage compartment (probably roof mounted), or build something to better utilize the rear storage area of the Toyota 4runner.

Skyrat had a similar problem, and came up with a slick solution. He used plywood and indoor/ourdoor carpet to accomplish two tasks: the drawers are a good place to store smaller items that would normally fly around the 4runner's cargo area, and the sleeping platform on top of the drawers is above the wheel wells making the sleeping area substantially wider.

Skyrat uses heavy duty full extension drawer slides, and has some well thought out features such as tie downs on the sleeping platform, adjustable dividers in the drawers, and a removeable extension depending on whether or not you need to use the back seat.

Check out this post on Yotatech.com for more detailed drawings and photos.