Diff Armor

Pipe Cap Diff ArmorHere's a nice example of an 8 inch weld-on pipe cap being used as differential armor on a Toyota 8inch axle.

The thread talks about how it can be hard to find a pipe cap. This place has them: http://www.mcmaster.com/
Enter this in the search box. Part #:43425K246

The post was made in 2003, and it states the price was $18.99. Now the price is $50!!!! This is the classic case of tons of Toyota guys buying something so the price goes up. The same thing happened to the Nissan threaded nipple that Toyota enthusiasts started buying in bulk to screw into their axles to hook up differential breather hoses to.

If you can find a pipe cap for a good price, it's definitely worth it. It's simple and effective.

  1. Just slice it in half, grind a little bit off the inner ledge to provide a good fit.
  2. Make some sort of hole on the bottom side of it to drain out dirt, water, and fluid that spills when you're trying to get it in the fill hole.
  3. Make sure you have access to the differential fill hole.
  4. In the case above, he added some more support that continues up to the top of the differential to protect the ring gear all the way to the top.
  5. Weld it on! Go slow, and let it cool inbetween welds to avoid warping the housing. Leave the differential in/on so that it can help hold it straight, and leave the differential fluid in the axle so that it can help dissipate heat.
  6. Go out and intentionally run your axle into rocks just to test it!