Dull headlights getting you down?

Healight Replacement

If you're driving an older Toyota Truck or 4runner, you've probably had to mess with replacing a sealed unit headlight. Somewhere around 1992, Toyota switched their headlight assembly from being sealed beam to a replaceable H4 style plug in bulb.

If you have the sealed beam style, it's a simple job to replace them with the H4 style. All you have to do is remove the sealed beam unit, bolt the H4 headlight assembly in place, and install the H4 bulb with the wattage and color of your choice.

You can either buy aftermarket pieces, or find some H4 headlight units from a newer 4runner or Toyota Truck (1992-1995) for a true plug-n-play swap.

Advantages: Faster replacement time should a bulb burn out, more options such as blue-ish tint, brighter

Can you tell which headlight in the picture above is brighter? The one on the left is the new H4 converted headlight.

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