Formula Toyota

Formula ToyIf you've been around the Toyota Offroad community very long, you've probably heard of Formula Toy or F-Toy for short (also called Formula Toyota to help differentiate it from Formula 1 toys).

Formula Toy was originally conveived by 2 die hard Toyota off roading fans Eric "Camo" Linker and Mike "AirRide" Hendrix. The idea was to create an entry level rock crawler that would work well on difficult rock crawling trails as well as be able to compete in rock crawling events.

The whole class is built to ensure that rock crawling comes down to driver skill, not whoever has the most money to spend on a custom buggy will probably win. All competitors must use leaf spring axles and a stock Toyota Frame. From their, a cage built by an approved vendor is installed on the frame. If you already have a Toyota with modified gearing, lockers, lift kit, etc, just pull off the Toyota body, install a spec cage and you're in the class! Only down side is that you wouldn't be able to street drive your rig anymore (but some of us don't anyways).

The official Formula Toy site is