Front Differential Drop Kit

Front Differential Drop KitI know what you're thinking. Why would I use a drop kit? I have an offroad Toyota, not a low rider Toyota! Allow me to explain.

First, read the post on the ball-joint spacers for the 89-95 IFS Toyota Truck and 4runner.

The biggest problem with the ball joint spacers is the increased angle that the CV joints see. This translates into faster wear and even possibly binding in the joint itself. By lowering the front differential by the same amount as the spacers we put in, we lower the other end of the CV shafts as well, netting an overall angle change of 0, nothing, nill.

This of course moves your front driveshaft mounting position down an inch. The stock front driveshaft seems to handle this extra length with no related issues.

As usual, Roger Brown at 4Crawler has a front differential lowering kit, although from what I can tell it's just a few chunks of metal with a hole drilled through it and some longer bolts. If you think it's worth the $29 US then go here: