Build Your Own Roof Top Cargo Rack

Roof Mount Cargo RackOn long off roading trips, the cargo space in my Toyota 4runner fills up fast, especially when going with a few friends. I started exploring different storage options, and came up that the coolest looking, strongest, most universal option for me was a roof mount cargo rack.

It doesn't take long looking around on Ebay at the different options to realize that you can spend a lot of money on a rack for your offroad Toyota. Then I did some searching on building your own rack, and came across this site.

This particular guy is building the rack for his kia, but what I like is that he just uses cheap plain old conduit for the metal. Total cost was about $30! You migh want to rethink his mounting system, as he uses hose clamps to mount it to his factory roof rack. I'm not sure you'd want to put a 60 pound spare tire on your roof rack if it's just held on with 4 hose clamps!